About Me

Hi, I’m Christian

As of 2015, I work at Canonical on the Ubuntu Server team. This is a jack of all trades job from packaging via bugfixing to development - whatever is needed. Everybody needs some focus, so I’m most of the time active around virtualization.

I completed my Diploma in Computer Science at the Karlruhe Institute of Technology back in 2005 with a focus on performance analysis.

Previous to Canonical, starting in 2005, I worked at IBM. There I worked as a Linux Performance analyst on making Mainframes faster. I also worked on KVM related development for PowerPC and s390x in that phase.

In my spare time, I try to convince my kids that we live in a great region for hiking (we really do - therefore the nick), but then I mostly hike alone :-)

My public GPG key (4096R/BA3E29338280B242) is available here.